Store closing on 3/31/24. We will still be selling custom quarters/halves & whole beef but our store intown will be closed which means no more individual cuts, bundles and Saturday store hours.

Meet The Vossberg Family


Meet The Vossberg Family

We are Philip and Meaghin Vossberg, the parents of two beautiful children Lilly and Logan. We are sole owners of the cattle business and our cattle are raised on the Vossberg Familly Farm. We can assure you with Meaghin, Lilly and Logan around the cattle are well loved and well taken care of. The farm is located at 1043 265th St. Janesville IA, 50647. Visitors at the farm are always welcome!

Farmers have an enormous impact on the quality of food you eat. With our beef we are assuring the best Angus to taste. When tasting our Iowa Family Farm beef you will be assured you are tasting every bit of honest, local grown best in quality beef. These cattle are raised by us, an Iowa family, that truly cares about our land, our community and our future. We are seeking to find eaters that want to know their beef is locally born and raised as well as have a strong connection between the Farmers, us, and the eaters, you.

All of our cattle are bought in Iowa around 200-500 lbs. We then love them and raise them to 1200-1300 lbs. In the time of being raised with us the cattle are vet checked, not implanted, not fed hormones or steroids, as well as being unnecessary antibiotic free. Roaming Ribeye cattle are all grain fed with higher protein than the average to assure the best in taste. Our cattle are locally processed at a Family Locker.

Please Feel Free to Contact us with any orders, questions or concerns.